Looking For Escape

Looking for escape
A mass of humanity
Sports–the drug of choice
Pushed by corporate giants
We‘ll pay almost any price
An amazing site
This sea of  team wear–floating
All moving as one
Their wearers oblivious
That they are feeding the greed
At their own expense

~~Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

12 thoughts on “Looking For Escape

  1. I agree. First of all, the NFL should NOT have tax-exempt status. And — I made a post on Facebook saying that America should be GROUNDED for a YEAR because of all the football crap — abuse scandals, sex scandals, cheating scandals, being a general circus, etc — and you should have SEEN the comments! Oy vey.

    The only sport I watch is ice hockey — and we only go to the Hershey Bears — the “farm team” for the Caps — and that’s because it’s local. I really don’t understand the whole fascination with MLB, NFL, NBA, etc.

    If they’d take the NFL half-time money and put it into cancer research? Think what they could do!

    • I agree completely with your comment. I initially was going to make this piece focus on the NFL’s tax-exempt status, but then decided against it as it was a convoluted topic and oddly enough the NFL is specifically listed as tax-exempt in the IRS tax codes (which is wrong and should be changed). I guess the NFL main office is tax-exempt while the revenue from football games, etc. goes through an entity called NFL Ventures which does in fact pay taxes. This certainly does not mean that I think that any part of the NFL machine should be tax-exempt as there is nothing about it that is not-for-profit, but I was worried that I might not have all the information.

      • I agree with you. No part of the NFL should be tax exempt at all. It is ridiculous. I don’t understand how that decision was made. Weird. But when you deal with legalese it gets convoluted so quickly….

    • You are absolutely correct. I will admit that I enjoy football on occasion as well as NASCAR, but the money involved is just ridiculous. There is no athlete in the world that is worth 200 million dollars all so they can play a game, yet we idolize them and willingly pay exorbitant prices at the stadiums to see them play. I really don’t understand it.

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