8 thoughts on “Heartbeat’s Rhythmic Call (Senryu)

  1. I tried to figure out the difference between Senryu and Haiku but I was left a bit baffled. I like them both (at least yours) but if you ever want to write a non-poetic post, feel free to explain 🙂

    • Dan, the two were rather fuzzy to me as well. As I understand it, and there may be others out there that know better than I, the primary difference between haiku and senryu is the subject matter of the poem. A senryu is much more concerned with the human condition while a haiku records the essence of a brief moment and is focused on nature and the seasons. The two are very convoluted and for the longest time I didn’t differentiate between the two, I just made everything a haiku. Anyway, thank you for the praise and I hope that this little explanation. helped.

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