I Listened

I listened, held my breath,

In between the whir of passing cars

I could here the sound of sparrows.

How strange this seemed,

As if I had never heard their song before.

Perhaps my ear has become more finely tuned,

Nay–very unlikely I suppose.

No, it is more likely that I shut up my mind,

Its incessant ramblings over things of little importance

Worries of work, family, responsibilities,

All imposed by me and this cursed ego.

For a brief moment there was blessed silence.

It leaves me thinking,

Had I only stopped sooner

The sparrows angelic song might have never left my ears.


~~Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

12 thoughts on “I Listened

  1. Beautiful! I am amazed by this serendipitous occasion as I read this lovely poem after reading “I Happened to Be Standing” by Mary Oliver … Have you read that one? The two complement each other marvelously I might just have to write about it myself. Thank you Dom

    • My pleasure. No have not read “I happened to Be Standing”, I will have to make a point to do so though. I’m very glad that you like the poem my friend and I apologize for replying to your nice comment so many days late.

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