I Sit Unnoticed

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I sit unnoticed;

Ignored like trash cast aside,

Snagged in the gutter.

Left to resurrect myself

Tell me what are my chances,

Who will hire me,

How will I become sober?

Drugs, drinking, illness,

You would prefer that I die;

Cleaning up the city streets.

You will not miss me,

My existence a mistake

Must be corrected.

Be happy that I am gone,

No longer a human plight.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


14 thoughts on “I Sit Unnoticed

    • There is some help, but everything is so overcrowded and so bureaucratic that I think many of these people just give up. In addition, many of those individuals that are mentally ill don’t have the ability to get help and for the most part are forgotten. It’s very sad.

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