16 thoughts on “And Then The Earth Shook (Haiku)

      • Thank you for saying so Cheryl-Lynn. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to do very much else, but I do truly feel for my fellow man which I hope that I express through my poetry.

      • I tried not watching the news or reading about current events, but I find that I am just too much of a “junkie” to quit. I glad I can help and Tim is a terrific writer who I admire very much. Thank you my friend.

      • We all must do what we can. You may not be as well informed on world issues as you would like to be, but you are very well informed, probably more than most, on the difficulties that people face living in this very complex world. I am so glad that there are people like yourself who are strong enough to help others the way that you do. Thank you.

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