Black Smoke Wafts Skyward

Black smoke wafts skyward

Baltimore the latest nail

To be pounded home

How many more before the

Coffin is sealed and buried

Repeated killing

Just a different city

Will we never learn

These–our brothers and sisters

Share the same constitution

But not the same rights

They are treated as lesser

By their skin color

Disgusting as it may be

This is our America


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

17 thoughts on “Black Smoke Wafts Skyward

    • It now sounds like it is very unlikely that he was trying to hurt himself as he was in no physical condition to do so. He was handcuffed behind his back with his legs bound and was laid face down on the floor already hurt. The comment about hurting himself was put out there by another prisoner on the opposite side of a metal partition with no view whatsoever of Freddie Brown. I for one certainly don’t put much faith in his opinion of things. Anyway, thanks as always for the re-blog Jonathan and thank you for your continued support of my writing, I really do appreciate it. P.S. Thank you for letting me rant.

  1. @”By their skin color

    Disgusting as it may be

    This is our America…” – terribly right and true nowadays… 😦
    * * *
    we visited Baltimore several years ago and we could feel a vague tension between the blacks and the whites…

    • Thank you Melanie, that tension exists all over this country and it is a shame. People are people regardless of skin color and the fact that a racist mentality still exists is absolutely disgusting in the 21st century.

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