What Have We Become

What have we become?

Our government plays on our fears

To defend spying on its citizens.

NSA, CIA, FBI all have our dossiers,

How many other acronyms are prying

Weeding through our emails,

Monitoring our bank accounts,

Recording our telephone calls,

Scanning our mail?

A whistle-blower leaks your dirty little secrets

And you back peddle like lying politicians.

He’s committed treason you cry,

Turning the blame from yourselves as you always do.

Obviously our right to privacy means nothing,

You have no probable cause for surveilling us,

So you use the Patriot Act, loosely as disguise.

It hurts when you have been caught doesn’t it,

Like a kid with their hand in the cookie jar.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Author’s Note: This piece was prompted by reading the following short article http://goo.gl/wpkRZx.  The information contained within it is not new, but it reignited my concerns about our federal government and our lack of privacy.


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