Life Altering Change

Life altering change

Whether for better or worse,


At times they can bring on tears

Whilst at others there is joy.


Perhaps perfection

Does not come without its pain

Though perfect it is.

Everything’s as it should be

In the eyes of the Divine.


We are intertwined

With others on this journey,

Friends, kin and strangers

Struggling to understand.

Who would I be to judge them?


Should I not just love,

Embracing their inner light

And divine essence.

Honoring them as sacred

As I wish to be honored.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

13 thoughts on “Life Altering Change

  1. I like the concepts in this meaningful prose. Especially our being intertwined in this journey. While on our paths, we need to be respectful and honor those who deserve it. Dom, great piece of writing!

    • I’m glad, it gives me peace as well, I just wish that people would stop looking at the differences and realize that we are all on the same journey with the same inevitable end. Thank you my friend.

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