Frustration Mounting

Frustration mounting

As oligarchs come boldly

Their riches in hand.

Elections bought and paid for…

Secret meetings seal the deal.


Buying candidates,

How much money must they have,

How can we compete?

Sitting idly by we watch

As the slaughter commences.


In revolution

This once great nation was born.

Perhaps it is time

The monarchs retaste our wrath

By drowning their precious tea.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

11 thoughts on “Frustration Mounting

  1. I am worried about who will be chosen and even more, who will win. Dom, your background in mediation and negotiations really shows in your calm comments on others posts.

    • Thank you so much for saying so. I too am worried about who will win as I don’t think anyone on the Republican side is very good. One is trying to be more outrageous than the other and I don’t find that appealing when choosing a presidential candidate.

      • We need calmness and a rational, determined mind. In Ohio the Republican John Kasich is moderate and down to earth. I may end up voting for Hillary Clinton but wish there were someone as familiar with both sides to be able to get things dine. Poor President Obama has had his hands tied and it makes me sad. There was such potential there. Thanks for listening and hope I won’t offend you, Dom.

      • Oh I am not offended at all. I agree that Obama had his hands tied from the moment he got elected, but ultimately he still go some things done though not as much as I had hoped. I did watch the debate last night and John Kasich does seem like a reasonable thoughtful person. Of all of the people on the stage he was by far my favorite. Personally I am taking a small part in the Bernie Sanders campaign, for the average American his stands should resonate. He is for the people and not big business and has never changed his stand during his career. This to me shows integrity. If he does not become the democratic nominee I will likely vote for whomever is chosen simply because the next president potentially will have to nominate 3 supreme court justices and I can’t bare to have 3 right-wing republicans added to the court. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment.

      • My brothers are both feeling favorable towards Bernie Sanders. I am hoping he has a possible opportunity to have a large following, Dom. I will probably vote the same way since you have a good point ab I it the future laws passing if we can fill the court with moderate or liberal beliefs.

      • Being as early as it is in the campaign season I suppose that only time will tell, but I really like what he has to say. I think that people get too hung up on him having always considered himself a socialist, but in my opinion, if what he stands for is socialism then I guess I am one too. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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