2 thoughts on “It’s Out of Control

  1. I agree fully with the ambition of this prose but with the growing diversity, the decentralization and mobilization of our family units, the growing chasm of interest and intent among the hordes, is this country even governable anymore to the point where we can realize the ambition of having anger reduced to the point where none of these tragedies can yet occur again? I am not going to hold my breath. Are you, really?

    • I don’t know that they ever have or that it ever will be reduced to the point where they don’t ever occur again…sadly I might add, but mutual respect amongst the public and the police is essential to reducing it and that I think has be lost by both parties. I think we have gotten so far away from the “protect and serve” motto the every police department displays that being “aggressive” has gotten to be their immediate response. It’s important that the police live in the communities that they work and get to know the people, this will go a long way to improving relations as well as reducing violence.

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