Round And Round The Story Goes

Round and round the story goes

One that’s as old as time

Where it stops nobody knows

Causing tensions to climb


These 50 odd years since civil rights

Have made so little change

Hatred between black and white

Festers like the mange


Fear of lynching may have passed

But fear exists no less

While walking the street they’re still harassed

No matter how finely dressed


Ask Sandra Bland or Michael Brown

Oh wait they cannot speak

Too many names buried in the ground

The future seems so bleak


Justify and deny all you wish

Your blindness it won’t erase

200 years by chains and switch

Like animals kept in place


Nothing has changed in modern day

Ask Eric, Tamir or Trayvon

It matters not what any of us say

Because either way they’re gone


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

23 thoughts on “Round And Round The Story Goes

  1. It is a beautiful poem and it is strongly written and it has a haunting quality that will make sure it gets down into the subconscious of whoever reads it. The premise is moral and just but sadly human nature has not changed in millennia and may not change for millennia yet to come but that is no reason not to speak the words in hopes of change. Jesus Christ spoke words of change a long time ago and there were many who said in their hearts that His words would be of none effect but of course they could not read the future any better than we can.

    Having said all that — Your poem is magnificent, magnificently written, will make ripples in the seas of Eternity and maybe some sweet day one of those ripples will land on the shores of reality and the end of all such prejudician nonsense will finally bloom into the Sunlight of God’s promises. —- As well it should.

    Thanks for the experience of the poem.

    There is magic in your words — There is love in your words.

    There is a quiet beauty in your words.

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