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The lifeblood of politics

Flipping and flopping


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

8 thoughts on “Ambiguity

  1. Nice poem, Dom. Says a lot in so few words.

    Really interesting claim, that ambiguity is the lifeblood of politics. You got me thinking.

    First, what I noticed is that for me, ambiguity is not the same as flip flopping.

    So, I looked it up. Ambiguity can be defined as indecisiveness,, or shifting, changing, doubtful, which agrees with your poem.

    To me, though, ambiguity is more something that is so unclear as to be able to be interpreted as one thing, when it in fact means something else– sometimes perhaps even the opposite. It is very frustrating to me when I noticed a politician’s staff person answer a question I asked in such a way. I thought, because I know the issue I am calling about, they are trying to reassure me, but, I know better than to be reassured.

    Flip flopping of course implies going back and forth, perhaps to suit different geographic audiences while touring different states. Changing your position seems legitiate to me, given that representatives of the people are more or less honor bound to change as their constituency changes.

    The trouble is, they are also honor bound to do what they feel is right, in my opinion, or at least to avoid doing what they think is truly wrong.

    It’s no easy job, both to please people, which as your poem perhaps even implies, is essential to staying in the job, and continuing to get to do the work *(which, in my view, has the potential to be good) AND to try to accomplish good and important things to make the world a better place. So often, the two are in conflict.

    Now, politics is another word I felt inspired to look up, and there are a couple of good quotes, from the source below. One of them basically says what I have tried to say above, but probably says it better than I didf

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