200 Word Commentary – State Sanctioned Hate

** NOTE: Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this opinion piece.  This post is a bit of a departure for this blog, at least in the form that it is taking, but I feel strongly that this country is taking a giant leap backwards. What is going on here in America is reminiscent of the 1960’s civil rights movement, which I had hoped we would have long been past…clearly I was wrong.

Maybe “I’m beating a dead horse” here, but it seems to me that some Americans have a nasty habit of proactively making a problem exist that has no basis in fact.

We have a number of states in our most imperfect union that have decided to use transgender individuals as their scapegoats for passing discriminatory legislation against the LGBT community.  My belief is that this is being done in retaliation for a recent Supreme Court decision ruling in favor of the LGBT community.  Personally, this whole issue seems juvenile and without a doubt, hateful.

These very same states are screaming that the federal government is infringing on their rights by withholding funds because their law is illegal under the civil rights act, but in the same breath have no problem asking for taxpayer money in the case of a natural disaster for example.  

Now one of these states, North Carolina is suing the federal government over it just to keep their state sanctioned hate law in effect. Guess what folks you can’t have it both ways, discriminating against some Americans because you don’t like them and expecting their help when you need it.

Welcome back to the good old 1960’s.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


11 thoughts on “200 Word Commentary – State Sanctioned Hate

    • I very certain that it has and although he is not the complete cause of this Trump has made it okay to be bigoted and hateful. I believe that we are digressing as a nation and I have to say I find it very sad. Thank you for your comment my friend, I appreciate it.

  1. Other countries are like this as well. our one house parliament does make it harder to buck national laws, but negative attitudes still show their face out in the community.

  2. Shared to my G+ circles…I dread what might happen if we have roving bands of “Trumphie” brown shirts in the streets. How can anyone see and hear and not see Nationalism in Trump’s every move? How can Americans be so blind not to notice that after the Muslims and Liberals, the elderly & poor, they would be next on the death trains?

    • Thank you for sharing my post, it is very much appreciated. I honestly do not understand this man’s appeal being that he is a fascist at the very least. To me he has brought the dark underbelly of our people out into the light of day for our friends and enemies alike to see. I for one am embarrassed for the display that we are making to the world. Hopefully he loses in November, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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