O’ The Tangled Web

O’ the tangled web

Woven for personal gain

Clouding our judgement

Until we find it’s too late

And regret has bankrupt us

This, the path we choose

Chosen many times before

Has not deterred us

We are creatures of habit

Believing a fool’s wisdom


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

7 thoughts on “O’ The Tangled Web

  1. Honesty, even when painful or inconvenient, is truly the best policy. That said, I don’t think being honest gives one the right to be cruel in giving advice or offering an opinion. Being honest with ourselves and with others can be a big task.

    • I agree with you completely, honesty is the best policy, but not at the risk of being cruel. At those times it might be best to keep our advice to ourselves. Thank you Lori for the thoughtful comment.

    • I would prefer to say nothing at all…offer no opinion, than to devastate someone that is unless it was a matter of life or death. I too prefer the truth, but it has to be handled gingerly when it is something that can be viewed as cruel. I am by no means advocating lying, that solves nothing.

      • I agree…and I’m not talking about “innocuous lies.” When my grandson draws me a picture and I have absolutely no idea what it is…I tell him it’s fabulous.
        I will tell somebody I don’t like a particular thing…their hair…their outfit…and I’m known for my brutal honesty….and I won’t pretend to agree with something to avoid hurting feelings…

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