Stench Of Urine

Stench of urine,

Cardboard shacks,

Shopping carts,

Tattered clothes,

Hand-me-downs from the dumpster I suppose.


Rummaging through waste baskets,

Feasting on tainted food scraps,

Hiding in the shadows,

Sleeping on steam grates,



Something less than human.


Left for dead in the cold,

Filth in the form of flesh and blood,

But have you ever looked into their eyes,

Heard their hearts beat,

Seen them cry,

Gasp for their final breath?


I’m sure you haven’t

As you stepped over their broken bodies,

Avoiding them like the plague,

Chuckling at their despair,

On your way to your comfortable life.


Can’t you take a moment to lend a hand,

A little food,

A little shelter,

A bit of cash,

Instead of treating them like lepers,

Feeding off teets of the man..


You don’t know them,

You don’t know their stories,

Their hardships,

Their tragedies,

But you should…

They are our brothers and sister after all.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Love Lost in a Mind Field

By D. R. DiFrancesco


I turn to find you gone,

This windowless doorless prison smothers me,

Stilling my bloodied heart,

All that is left to me are tears.


Why did she leave, echos in my tormented head,

A whisper nagging at my last nerve,

Shuddering at the thought of abandonment,

Trapped and curled in a position most fetal.


Questioning my very existence,

I claw at the walls wailing for release,

Nails broken, crimson shards surround me,

Dropping to my knees I sit in utter defeat.


A darkness sets as I fall prone,

Naked and vulnerable the coarse stone chills me to the bone,

Jagged sharpness scars tender flesh,

Dulling the pain of your retreat.


I struggle for composure,

Reaching out in the dark praying for your touch,

Doomed, I’m left drowning in solitary silence,

Drenched in the perspiration of despair.


Why have I been left to this hellish place,

Did I not offer enough of myself to you,

Did I not cradle you in my loving passion,

What else could I have done?


Sobbing I struggle to breathe,

Lamenting your loss I pound at the blood stained floor,

Begging for merciful forgiveness,

Your reply…only suffocating solitude.


Passing seems imminent,

In desperation, euthanasia would be welcome,

I couldn’t have deserved such loneliness,

Quivering with exhaustion, I drift eternal sleep.


Startled in a flush of adrenaline,

Wringing with sweat I strain to rise,

Where have you been, dribbles from my jaw tight lips,

Her blue eyes speak, by your side, to my nightmarish dream.