Baited and Murdered

Baited and murdered

Head on a silver platter

Carcus left to rot

Foolish man with bow in hand

Now he’s wanted for his crime

Maybe now he knows

What it’s like to be the prey

Hunter now hunted

Perhaps the same fate awaits

A trophy for Zimbabwe


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Anniversary

Freedom Tower NYC

By D. R. DiFrancesco

An anniversary,

Not so unlike the 10 before,

Unhappy and unpleasant as it saunters by.

We take time to remember where we were,

When we first saw the images splashed across our screens,

When we shed our first tear.

You didn’t have to know anyone personally,

Still you knew everyone personally,

We were brothers and sisters by birth or naturalization.

Seeing the towers fall,

The Pentagon our symbol of power ablaze,

Flight 93 reduced to a burning debris field wrenched at our hearts.

First responders covered in dust,

Survivors disheveled, awash in blood,

Wandering aimlessly, trying to grasp the magnitude of the situation.

Incomprehensible…yet bravery abounded,

Stories of heroism and self-sacrifice,

Overshadowing the cowardice of the act.

A monument to our resolve rises,

Out of the smoke and ash, a tribute to the lost,

We will not be broken.

We remember the 2, 977 victims of this day,

As the names are read and the prays are spoken,

New tears are shed out of sadness and out of pride.

We will never falter,

We will never forget,

We are Americans…

God Bless America!