Feelings of Despair

Feelings of despair

Brought on by this hectic world,

Hopelessness abounds.

Could our connectedness be to blame;

Glowing screens of every shape and size?

Even in sleep there is no rest

For the modern mind will not quiet.

Discerning truth from fiction is ever more daunting

With the right and left screaming for attention.

I’ve forgotten what silence is like,

No notifications, no ringing, no television

…A simpler time.

Could it be time to power off

Leaving all things electronic black and lifeless?

It’s undeniable that those times were happier,

That families talked and people listened.

We walked with our heads up and smiles on our faces

Instead of head down and into poles.

Maybe twenty four hour news, tweets and likes are a cancer

Feasting on our teetering sanity.

I am a realist, I know the past is the past

To which we will never return,

But maybe a little self imposed downtime is in order

Just for a bit of nostalgia.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Impersonally Yours

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Simple pleasures,

Too often ignored.


A gentle rain,

The beauty of a newborn,

All wasted on the modern world.



Video games,



We are trapped in a virtual world.

Never truly disconnected,

Dinner conversation is replaced by tweeting,

Facebook friend counts are more important than eye contact.

Do we even remember putting pen to paper?

Talking face-to-face with an old friend,

Asking each other “How was your day?”,

I’m not sure that we do.

Tracking loved ones by GPS,

Texting while driving,

Driving while tweeting,

All the makings of a digital death wish.

Welcome to the 21st century,

Where new is not necessarily better,

And life has emerged impersonal!