Winter Winds Cross Barren Fields (Terza Rima Sonnet)

Winter winds, screech angrily cross barren fields,

Brutal and unforgiving without relent.

While livestock and crop to natures wrath they yield.


Annually recurring without consent

Praying for relief from weather’s harsh fury

She is steely firm and she will not relent.


Corrals succumb to Jack Frost’s frozen slurry.

Cornstalks and wheat are like skeletons slumping,

Coated by blizzard and skies gentle flurry.


This icy grassland under shod foot clumping,

Springtimes thaw all things naturally await.

To tree branches and twigs their beat is drumming.


Waiting for the cold’s icy grip to abate

With renewal of crops our livestock they wait.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


A Dream Walk

Do I dare walk this twisted mile

Beneath the sway of the weeping willow canopy.

An aire of pecan and clover

Floats on a warm moist wind,

Hypnotizing my senses.

Lured like steel to magnet

I saunter on my dream swept way.

Grassy fields cropped to a dandy’s perfection,

Paint a canvas of green

Dimpled with the smiling faces of daisies.

In the distance,

The silhouette of a weary plow horse

Pinches the emerald horizon,

As it grazes to reinvigorate.

With each yard strode,

A cloud of dust, summoned by my wake

Climbs to the heavens,

Whisked skyward by the tepid breeze.

Stricken by the silence,

Only the swirling song of  Morning Doves for company,

I reminisce of a time before my time.

What simplicity in this wanton beauty,

If only this were home.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~