Cool and Refreshing

Cool and refreshing

I touched her to my lips.

Sweetly anointing my soul,

Her love cradling me,

Caressing me with a silken hand.

She is soft yet passionate;

Flowing over me,

In me, through me.

Under my lover’s touch

I am vulnerable to her spell.

Just as clay in her hands

I am kneaded,

Ready to do her bidding

Without question or concern.

She likewise–

Is the caldron I stir,

Churning desire with each stroke

Until she boils over.

Two souls melding into one,

Flesh on flesh,

Heartbeats in unison,

Never to be parted

In this life or the next.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Glass So Delicate Easily Breaks (Sonnet)

Glass so delicate easily breaks

Throwing, dropping–it matters not

A million shards will be its fate

Not unlike the tender heart


When handled coarsely it slowly bleeds

Crimson tears that may never heal

A gentle touch is what it needs

Embraced by passionate lovers feel


Absent the heart will surely shred

Perhaps forever left in ruin

All hope for love is left for dead

What remains of the heart are strewn


That which is fragile must be treated with care or damage permanent may be done

For the passion of lovers is something they share on their journey to meld into one


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~