Solitude scares me not as I wallow in the quiet.

Exquisite silence joins me, sits beside me like an old friend,

Placing a congratulatory arm around me in comfort.

As refreshing as a hot bath or a shot of Glenlivet;

Sharpening the senses as a razors edge,

Carving away at the clutter of modernity,

Replacing it with the simple rhythms of my own beating heart.

At times, as joyous as intimacy,

Energizing and euphoric yet primitive;

Cleansing the mind, lifting the soul.

This rejuvenation, one of the great pleasures of life,

Elementary in conception, is often not easily obtained

As responsibilities, self-imposed or otherwise throw up their gauntlets.

Unavoidable without effort in our hectic sphere;

Time for self must be apportioned for sanity’s sake

If we are to live healthful and fruitful lives.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~