Greed and Humanity



I am neither,

And both.

I am not proud that either need exist,

Each is distasteful alone.

Capitalism breeds greed,

The rich get richer,

The poor get poorer

Dividing their people.

Socialism strives to temper greed,

Reigning in its excesses

In hopes of leaving something for the masses.

Those with means rail against this,

Crying infringement!

I don’t need the government regulating me,

I will give to others as I see fit.”,

This is not reality, but greedy folly.

Human nature believes what’s mine is mine.

Socialism is no less flawed!

Unfettered it breeds sloth,

Equally deadly and devastating.

Where is the incentive to contribute?

Both commit their own deadly sins by existing.

Perhaps a blending would suffice,

Capitalism for self-sustenance,

Socialism for a dose of humanity and conscience.

If arrogance were put aside

Maybe then there would be hope,

Hope that what is broken could be mended

For the betterment of all

–Not just the select few.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~