Moral Decay

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Fantasy glimmers amongst shades of crimson,
Distorting reality for it’s own vice,
Leaving idle minds to drown in corruption,
Leading tormented souls to succumb.

Society passes off lust as love,
Mingling sensitivities with animal instinct,
Numbing what sensibilities we portend to have,
Replacing them with primative urges.

Celluloid visions feed arousal and carnality,
Drifting recklessly across our screens,
Youth despoiled by images of debauchery,
Rendering them hollow and defiled.

Who’s to blame for the moral decay?
Pointing the venomous finger of irresponsibility,
Looking to the state for civil retort,
Misplacing censure to cloak parental shortcomings.

We are to blame,
Ignoring that which tears at our moral fiber,
Restraint not prudishness the intention,
Reaping what we sow our just deserve.

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