Our Past Watches

Our past watches modernity from the grave.

Sprawling fields of monument and headstone

Honor these souls that ventured on before us.

What must they think of this world as they look on,

Our never ending roadways,

Towering buildings of glass and steel,

Automobiles supplanting horse and carriage,

Our lack of respect for water, air and life,

Politics more polarizing than any in history,

Unquenchable greed marring its noble past?

Perhaps they are relieved to be in a better place,

Sleeping peacefully under a blanket of white,

Winter’s cold and man’s ignorance

No longer gnawing at their weary bones.

As we pass by should we not think of them,

Consider how far we have traveled,

How far behind we have fallen,

What we have lost,

What we have surrendered in frustration.

If we are to regain our souls,

Our greatness and our compassion,

Reversing this slide into oblivion,

These fields likely hold the key

Under their peaceful blanket of white.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


There Are Times When I’ve Forgotten Why I’m Here

There are times when I’ve forgotten why I’m here.

So much is happening around me yet I feel powerless.

Overwhelmed, at times I wish to bury my head in the sand,

But this is not me!

I refuse to sit idly by, while others contribute?

I am not helpless!

I cannot be a passive observer of injustice,

As this would make me no better than they.

I will not stand by, oblivious to the callousness of man,

For what kind of man would that make me.

These are the enabler’s of genocide and war,

Bigotry, hatred and inequality toward our equals,

Repression of those of lesser will,

Arrogance and ignorance,

I will take no part in these travesties!

I do not need God to beseech of me,

For I already know what is right and good.

With this I will find my way on the straightened path,

My moral compass to guide me,

In my journey to affect change.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Moral Decay

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Fantasy glimmers amongst shades of crimson,
Distorting reality for it’s own vice,
Leaving idle minds to drown in corruption,
Leading tormented souls to succumb.

Society passes off lust as love,
Mingling sensitivities with animal instinct,
Numbing what sensibilities we portend to have,
Replacing them with primative urges.

Celluloid visions feed arousal and carnality,
Drifting recklessly across our screens,
Youth despoiled by images of debauchery,
Rendering them hollow and defiled.

Who’s to blame for the moral decay?
Pointing the venomous finger of irresponsibility,
Looking to the state for civil retort,
Misplacing censure to cloak parental shortcomings.

We are to blame,
Ignoring that which tears at our moral fiber,
Restraint not prudishness the intention,
Reaping what we sow our just deserve.

The Fox and Rabbit (A Parable)

By D. R. DiFrancesco

To keep the fox at bay

You scurry down the rabbit hole

Hiding behind your harvest of vegetables and fruits

A feeble attempt to prolong your existence

The fox is patient this much is true

Cunning and hunger are his advantage

Scared and indecisive you ponder what to do

“I’ve got it!” – you say

Thinking you can outsmart the fox

The fox waits, patient and quiet

You feign courage

Hopping from behind the store

Nose twitching and wriggling

You try to catch his scent

But the fox is clever and hides

You crawl out of your rabbit hole

Thinking, “If I’m fast he won’t catch me.”

As you hop out, the fox pounces

Your world goes dark.

The fox smiles, satisfied

He has done what nature intended

Hiding in your rabbit hole

With your horde of foodstuffs for protection

And still…

Greed and boastfulness could not save you.