Mind Games

Sorrowing Old Man – Vincent Van Gogh – 1890

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Drifting away,

Drowning in a sea of desperation,

Grasping for a life ring of sanity,

Just out of my reach.


I look within,

A swirling cyclonic mess embodies me,

Unrefined shapes and forms,

Seeking to undermine me at every turn.


This Impenetrable darkness,

That neither sun nor joy can imbue,

Why have I been cursed with this plague,

Delivering pain to the four winds of my soul.


Overwhelming sadness clutches me to her bosom,

Offering me nothing but anguish,

Have I not been tormented enough,

Stripped and laid bare to the elements.


God and science offer no comfort,

For the troubled mind worships it’s own demons,

I have prayed to exercise them,

Yet found the only panacea is time.


With night, slumber offers me respite,

Time for healing,

Calm for the erratic mind,

Hope for a clearer perspective at dawn.

2 thoughts on “Mind Games

  1. Beautiful. I, too, am, familiar with the mind games we play on one another….on ourselves. The hardest game to win, nonetheless.

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