When passions fail tears bathe the wounded soul

Drowning the pain so freely inflicted

Hurt is temporary by design so be unyielding

Willing arms are outstretched to comfort you

You will not be abandoned for I am with you always


No words need spoken

Your silence speaks the volumes of emotion enveloping you

My heart is torn and bleeding in your agony

Tearing at me like shards of shattered glass

Razor sharp and unrelenting in intensity


Healing seems impossible amongst the ruin of betrayal

But you must have the courage to trust again

Take my hands and give me all of your sorrow

This is what my love and friendship tender

Without condition or reservation


Know that you are adored by those around you

Your loss and heartbreak is shared with compassion

Drawing out that which tortures your spirit

Leaving you consoled and warm

Able to experience love again

~~ By D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

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