6 thoughts on “Dusty Bus Stop Bench – A Tanka

  1. i just had a thought – how is it that a simple poem with a few words and a few lines can describe a problem that is so big – it should be the other way around – the many should be able to take care of those who cannot.

    • I could not agree more Kimberly. You see that and I see that, but as a nation I think it flies in the face of our capitalist system (everyone is supposed to take care of themselves). Well guess what, some people can’t and in the end any of us could be this person. By the way, as a side note, this poem is based on a man that my wife saw. She said he looked so sad sitting at the bus stop, dirty, his clothes ripped, that it almost brought her to tears. She pulled the car over to talk to him and gave him the money she had on her, but all he did was stare into space. He never spoke and never moved. She felt awful for him. This is not something that she would normally do, but she was so moved by his appearance that she felt compelled to stop. Thanks again.

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