Skinned Knees

Skinned knees

Blood red

Torn pants

Frayed rope belt

Too big for frail frame


Nails caked

Hands shake

Dirty hands

Utensils for eating

Food is scarce


Shirt ragged

Sleeves ripped

Buttons missing

Better than nothing

Shopped from trash


Face leather

Beard unshaven

Hair matted

No place to shower

Embarrassed by odor


Scrap cardboard

Help Me Please

Eyes pleading

Can you spare a dime

Will you spare a dollar


Looking away

He’s invisible

Just a bum

Remember his knees

He wounds like us


You pray to God

Recite His passages

Holier than thou

Looking down your nose

You detestable hypocrite


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

8 thoughts on “Skinned Knees

  1. too many hypocrites…I once heard a well off man say he wished to walk among the poor people of the world…big man in his church and community…yet he drew a six digit salary, lived in an upscale home and gave but a few cans to charity when the food bank did a food drive…I told him he was a hypocrite…the only way to walk among the poor people of this world is to be one of them…I also told him the poor don’t need pity they need help…to this day he still has this wishing to walk among the poor on his Facebook page yet he donates little in the way of money or canned goods and nothing in the way of time…unfortunately the lesson is most people utter empty words when it comes to empty stomachs…thank you for your vigilance on this issue

    • You are so welcome. I suppose this issue falls under the old “put your money where your mouth is” (money of course could be cash, time or preferably both) saying. Seeing poverty and ignoring it won’t make it go away no matter how much some people would like it to. If we all pitched in to help those in need I’m certain we could tackle this issue, but much of our society loves to use the phrase, “pick yourself up by your bootstraps”, which is all well and good when you have “bootstraps” to pick yourself up by. For such a wealthy nation, we have so much to learn. Thank you for taking the time to write such a terrific comment, I really appreciate it.

  2. Sad. A societal issue. The only thing we ever do now is give to organized reputable charities and buy a meal and give it if its a personal gesture tho. No money to feed addictions.
    Great heart wrenching piece Dom.

    • You are doing something to help. Giving to organized charities is a good way, that is far more than most. So many people love to talk the game, but never do anything about it. Thank for the compliment, you know that I appreciate it. 🙂

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