This Solitary Tree

This solitary tree,

Utterly alone amongst the brown grasses.

Nary a leaf can I see,

iIgnored by the traveling masses.


No birds find cause to seek shelter,

No buds rise to show you love.

Dry and brittle in the noonday swelter,

Limbs raised to Heaven hoping for rain from above.


What have you done to be shunned…an outcast,

Sentence too cruel for such an innocent one.

Punishment levied you’d hoped you’d outlast,

With each passing day a new days begun.


I look on with sorrow and the shedding of tears,

As I see myself in you, one and the same.

With scarcely a friend after all of these years,

I’ve no one to place, except me with the blame.


I too just as you have my soul laid out bare,

A wish for companionship to stay.

Broken and weak I expose to the air,

The longing for love I keep locked away.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

14 thoughts on “This Solitary Tree

  1. Aw. This has a sad heartbeat, but I hear it well. Beautifully sad. Hope you are well Dom.

  2. This is beautiful Dom. i can interpret this is so many ways. what is interesting about old trees is that they still serve a function – we may not outwardly see it but it is there and i think it is never too late to befriend them. xx

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