23 thoughts on “In Memorial – A Tanka

  1. It’s a really odd holiday at times. You get the whole day off, but nobody really knows what to do to honor the day. I’ve heard many say that they celebrate the freedom that fallen soldiers died to protect. Seems nicer than those that can’t even tell me what the holiday is about.

    • Thank you Charles, that really was the point of this poems perspective. Many, especially younger people, don’t have any idea what the holiday stands for and I find that troubling. Instead to many, it has become the official “kickoff” to summer and a reason to party.

    • Thank you for the reblog Jonathan, to many, not all, it is true. Try asking someone what the reason for the holiday is and you are likely to either get no good answer or the wrong answer. It is not an indictment of these people personally, but instead an indictment of the society that we live in and our responsibility as parents and teachers to teach our children our history.

    • You, my friend are absolutely correct. This is not true of everyone, but I would say that a majority of the people simply recognize Memorial Day as the start of summer and a day to party.

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    • Thank you Kimberly, it helped me refocus on what the day is really about. Believe me, I’m not against having a party and a few beers, but it is important that we recognize the sacrifice of those that have died so that we could have these parties. That was my intention anyway. 🙂

  3. Sad that so many forget this is not a holiday of BBQ and beer. In the town I live in we are the Vorra racer capitol of the US and that is what it becomes all about here. Tearing up the desert and destroying the ecosystems rather than appreciating the loss of dear ones who protected and died.

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