Simple Phrase

The simple phrase, “I love you.”,

Not to be worn on the bottom of a shoe.

When said to another it must be true,

Or angers wrath will most surely ensue.


Far too often it’s said most light,

The words flow free without a fight.

All in attempt to bed at night,

With no qualms of wrong or right.


What happened to the time it was hard to say,

Waiting, obsessing for many a day.

Rehearsing the moment in so many ways,

Knees getting weak, wobble and sway.


“I love you.” has power over human heart,

Think before speaking this phase you start.

If said without meaning the two will part,

The heart will break and soul depart.


Handle with care these mystical words,

If not heartfelt they’re best deferred.

Emotions strained, feelings stirred,

“I love you.” must be mutually incurred.


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~

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