We Drive in Silence

We drive in silence

I behind the wheel…focused

Her my passenger

Nothing needs said as we go

We just hold hands and smile

The years have joined us

Love expressed in the wordless

Ever commonplace

It is not that we don’t speak

But that our hearts beat as one


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

So Much Tragedy (Sonnet)

So much tragedy in words withheld

Than to words we are beholden.

Silence cuts deeper than forest trees felled

To those held more precious and golden.


We wait for tomorrow as if plenty of time

Assuming the other must know.

What lies in our hearts, our feelings sublime

Saying one day that surely we’ll show.


Until such a time that love grows apart

Blinded by such a surprise.

Mending of passion, where do we start

With tears welling up in our eyes.


Speak your true mind and follow hearts lead,

Ne’er to be lead astray if it’s guidance you heed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Simple Phrase

The simple phrase, “I love you.”,

Not to be worn on the bottom of a shoe.

When said to another it must be true,

Or angers wrath will most surely ensue.


Far too often it’s said most light,

The words flow free without a fight.

All in attempt to bed at night,

With no qualms of wrong or right.


What happened to the time it was hard to say,

Waiting, obsessing for many a day.

Rehearsing the moment in so many ways,

Knees getting weak, wobble and sway.


“I love you.” has power over human heart,

Think before speaking this phase you start.

If said without meaning the two will part,

The heart will break and soul depart.


Handle with care these mystical words,

If not heartfelt they’re best deferred.

Emotions strained, feelings stirred,

“I love you.” must be mutually incurred.


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~