So Much Tragedy (Sonnet)

So much tragedy in words withheld

Than to words we are beholden.

Silence cuts deeper than forest trees felled

To those held more precious and golden.


We wait for tomorrow as if plenty of time

Assuming the other must know.

What lies in our hearts, our feelings sublime

Saying one day that surely we’ll show.


Until such a time that love grows apart

Blinded by such a surprise.

Mending of passion, where do we start

With tears welling up in our eyes.


Speak your true mind and follow hearts lead,

Ne’er to be lead astray if it’s guidance you heed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


11 thoughts on “So Much Tragedy (Sonnet)

  1. Dom, this is beautiful.

    I think you can make it even better, if you ever decide you would like to work with it a little more.. I could not resist but to play with it a little, to think of possibilities that you might choose, if you are inclined to do that, too.

    I can share with you a sketchy alternative wording or just a few points of some comments on where I think you can improve phrasing, scanning, or transitions, or even just correct a common error of usage (which could easily just be a typo).

    I hope this offer is not intrusive. I appreciate, as always, your continued reading of my work, and the opportunity to enjoy some of your work as well.

  2. Hi Dom,

    I don’t see an e-mail address on your site here. Is it OK with you, if I just comment here, since you seem to have it set that you moderate each comment?

    I assume that will mean you can keep the message private, as it wouldn’t automatically be posted publicly on your blog?


  3. I learned a terrible lesson last year – not ever telling someone that I loved him. I never said because I knew he had difficulty with the concept and I did not want to lose him. In hind site, it would have been better to say it face to face and lose him then doing what I did and that was to say it to his face before his coffin was closed.

    • I am so sorry my Kimberly, it is hard sometimes to come to grips with the past, second guessing our reactions to situations, but if our heart is in the right place we must realize that we can’t foretell the future no matter how hard we try. I’m sure that your friend knew, even without you saying it, that you loved him. There are many times two people can almost read the others mind without ever saying a word. I hope that one day you can find peace with this situation and although I can’t say that I know exactly how you feel, I can only imagine how painful it has been. Be well my friend.

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