Hearts In Fondness (Sonnet)

Hearts in fondness through distance do grow

Realizing in separation what for granted they take.

Something only two true lovers would know,

The commitment to each other the couple did make.


Irrational though sometimes the heart may appear

It knows what it wants without the logic of mind.

Enveloping in love the one held most dear

Just as it did at the beginning of their time.


Fickle they say is the lovers true love;

Blind to the dangers that lurk just beyond.

Intentions more pure than the whitest of doves,

Laid bare for the unfaithful their heart to abscond


Though pitfalls abound on this journey of the ages,

Not one thing would I change as this book turns its pages.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


11 thoughts on “Hearts In Fondness (Sonnet)

  1. Gosh, you do sonnets beautifully, Dom! I especially like the note about hearts knowing what they want, regardless of logical or irrational thought. I’ve always thought that we don’t choose to love someone, as a rule–“Love” chooses us, often quite mysteriously (and sometimes to our detriment), and that makes for the bulk of my good poetry. Happy Friday to you!

    • Happy Friday to you Mirada. Yes the heart does tend to do what it wants as is well proven with the host of bad marriages that we see these days. Being an irrational thing, you can’t ask it to change so I guess we will just have to go with it, good or bad.

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