Incredible Is This Gift (Acrostic)

Incredible is this gift given to the homosapien

Man’s God-given ability to dream

Allowing the subconscious to come to the forefront

Giving the illusion of reality

Ingrained so deeply yet out of our control

Natural as breathing or the beat of our hearts

And yet it is overlooked and treated as fancy

Tilled into the earth, buried for eternity

Isn’t it strange how the mind plays its games

Omnipotent in its ability to set lifes stage

Ne’er leaving a trace when exposed to the light of day


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


13 thoughts on “Incredible Is This Gift (Acrostic)

      • I agree. That’s why it gets a little disheartening to see adults try to eliminate a child’s imagination. That curiosity and sense of wonder can lead to amazing things in adulthood.

      • You are absolutely right, so many of us suffer from a lack of imagination. I have been guilty of this many times myself, but I am really trying to get back some of my childlike wonder. There are so many amazing things in this world that I didn’t see because I was blind to it. Pretty sad.

  1. I love this. It reminds me of Jordan. He is filming his first film this week for school. i read the script – he has the most incredible imagination. It blows me away. I hope he never loses his passion – imagination fuels it and nurtures it.

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