As The Moon Rises

As the moon rises and the sun bids a fond adieu,

As the final shafts of amber day fade to black,

There is a gentle stillness that overcomes earth and man,

One that’s existed since time began.

Our winged friends song falls on silent deaf ears,

Replaced by the somber tune of cricket and cicada.

The rustling of leaves ring vivid to the senses,

Once undetectable amongst the chaos of the day.

Even the lowly housefly finds solace in dusk

Vanishing from sight with nights approach.

Simple is this time where rest encroaches

Though absent of life it is not.

Those of nocturnal bend do rise,

As they live the fullest of lives amongst the shadows.

The lonesome and distant howl echoes in the night,

The song of the owl a signal to impending prey.

These embraced as a welcome tune

Sing me to sleep under starry sky.

Nature–peaceful in all its glory is my lover,

Holding me in her tender arms until we rise with the dawn,

To kiss the newest day.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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