The Sun Still Rose

The sun still rose as I knew it would,

The birds sang their songs,

The winds blew strong,

The grass remained green just as it should.


In dawns dim light I opened my eyes,

My wife lay sleeping by my side,

My children in the next rooms reside,

All of these cause joy in my heart to rise.


The waters flow cooling parched earth,

The skies still a brilliant shade of blue,

The flowers bloom as they always do,

These more valuable than material worth.


Life continues like every other day,

As it has O’ these fifty years on,

Caring not the least as each new day dawns,

For it knows no other way.


I guess I’m just part of this natural flow,

Arriving then passing with time,

Like the bird and the beast and the tree and the vine,

I’ll receive my calling to go.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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