I Escaped With My Skin (Sonnet)

I escaped with my skin though tattered and torn

Yet feeling far less than whole.

Far less like me than when I was born,

A piece of me it seems to have stole.


I ponder this mystery for reason I’ve not,

No finger can I place on the cause.

Giving my attention giving all that I’ve got,

In spite of my inherent flaws.


This feeling I have is an odd one indeed,

There’s nothing I can pinpoint to blame.

My mind the enabler melancholy it feeds,

Insanity is clearly its aim.


For sanity’s sake I must surely let go or suffer the wrath of its grip,

Still deep in my heart I certainly know this only a momentary slip.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

4 thoughts on “I Escaped With My Skin (Sonnet)

    • Thank you very much Gilly. I’m feeling a little off today, really for no good reason so I though I would write this in the hopes that I would come back to normal. I think it is working. 🙂

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