How Intricate The Knots

How intricate the knots,

The thread so delicate,

I scarcely ever noticed before.

How often had I torn them down

Treating them as a nuisance.

Perhaps out of ignorance,

Perhaps out of misplaced fear,

Picturing a threat where one did not exist.

Without prompt I stopped in my tracks,

Marvelling at this masterpiece

Spun from the lowly spider.

Her web so unlike the tangles of man,

Perfect and symmetrical,

Designed with a divine purpose.

Not to deceive…nay,

But to live and to feed

As the Creator intended.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


9 thoughts on “How Intricate The Knots

  1. lovely, Dominic! I find as we age, we do become observant of “important” things that young children notice…maybe that’s why those 2 generations get along so fine 🙂

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