Although They’re Older

Although they’re older

Children still seek approval

It’s human nature

Do not be too judgemental

Or you will push them away

What a tragedy

And a travesty this is

To our flesh and blood

These are wounds that do not heal

Because we need to be right


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


9 thoughts on “Although They’re Older

  1. Oh so true. A fully grown woman with children of my own I still need my mother’s approval. Though I don’t always approve of her or agree with her.
    I wonder how I am and will be with my own kids. This is such a complicated issue.
    The last verse “because we need to be right” is loaded. Do we “need” or “want” to be right? to “be” right or to “do” right and finally “right” as in correct or “right” as in “alright”?
    It could also be that I am reading too much into this last verse! Thanks for this thought provoking poem.

    • I don’t know that deep down we all don’t want to receive our parents approval, I know that in many cases I still do an am fortunate to still have both my parents. Philosophically we tend to disagree quite a bit, but I guess that is just how things are. As far as the last line goes, I suppose that any of the options you presented are possible, but my intention was leaning more towards needing and wanting to be right or right as in correct. In any case, they can cause a great deal of damage to young and impressionable minds and maybe even those that are less than young and impressionable.

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