23 thoughts on “Wildflowers Grow (Tanka)

  1. In Swedish, we call people who have survived childhoods full of hardship and misery “Maskrosbarn” which translates into “Dandelion children” – which just goes to show the hardiness of the flowers we at times call weeds.

    • Very interesting Anna thank you for sharing this, I had never heard of this word, but it really is quite fitting. Maybe those we consider weeds are more precious than the flowers that we dearly treasure.

  2. Hi Dom- this is totally off topic – but – have you seen this prompt site yet? It has a poetic form I hadn’t heard of yet called the Puente – you should check it out. http://www.poetryjaam.blogspot.se/2014/06/bridges-puente-poetic-form.html

    Plus … dVerse is doing “repetition” — still a day yet — and they’ve mentioned rondeaus, rondelets, ghazals, villanelles, etc.


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