What Is Left Of This Experiment

What is left of this experiment

Could it be that we failed intention

Selling it to the highest bidder?

Look at us!

Brother fighting against brother,

Ideals defined by television news,

By partisan writing,

By ignorance and lack of humanity.

Not relegated to one party or another

This is but a symptom of the disease.

A plague we allowed to ferment;

Feeding venomous pustules by blindness,

Blindness to surroundings,

Blindness to the lies we’ve been fed.

Beginning many years ago,

Blamed on the latest–current ruler,

Yet it is ever so misplaced.

Each is just the latest in a long line of failures

Given to us by their parties,

Held up as a choice to the people.

Choice…ha, this is but a facade,

Leaving the people to believe that they staked claim.

This is but a belief of fools,

Those that fail to realize they are pawns,

Misled and offered the promised land,

Finding that there is nothing but hollowness.

What does it take to awaken the populous?

Will it take total collapse?

Will it take blood?

Might it take revolution?

This is our right…our obligation;

When our system fails we are called to fight,

Called to change what is broken,

Beckoned to change what is fruitless.

Perhaps we have run our course,

Made a great attempt at political perfection,

Failing over a long period of time.

Every society has suffered;

Drowning in its own pomposity,

Leaving it vulnerable to suffer its own consequences.

What will it take;

Absolute and total collapse I propose.

Imploding on our own girth,

Collapsing under our own weight,

Then being consumed by our foes.

When will will realize our fate…?

Not until we are reduced

To nothing but skin and bones.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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