History Repeats

History repeats

When in the hands of such fools

Yet we act as sheep

Why no popular outrage

Why no rolling of their heads

In conflict we lose

Covert forces we back turn

Unleashing turmoil

Whose weapons do they use…ours

Perpetuating terror

Al-Qaeda is ours

A monster we created

Now there is ISIS

Born of a foul petri dish

What could we have expected

When we choose to interfere


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


26 thoughts on “History Repeats

  1. I wonder if the reason there is no outrage is because most people are simply tired of the cycle. Odd to say, but it gets to a point where a person feels like they can’t do anything to change events.

  2. Good poem! We’ve got our hands in more dirty, little piles of shit than most folks would even fathom – we’re among the original manipulating puppet masters. I know from experience – just don’t ask me how. Peace . . .

  3. And guess what the media was so happy to say that ISiS is worse than Osamas buddies. They always need the boogie man.

    • No there wouldn’t however, we (speaking of the U.S.) tend to try to instill our beliefs on the rest of the world regardless of whether they want them or not. Look at the chaos that we have created in the Middle East. I just believe that there may have been far better ways of handling things than the course we took.

      • It is hard for humanity (not just us) to not identify with the position of know how and can do – it is a profound wisdom to become a part of a whole happening. As identities with our realities, it’s not easy to recognise our part in the whole we belong to as a part – he or she is the whole self and being who creates and projects our reality and self. We sit back to work out what to do, and shoot, without recognising our part and our whole. Too quick to answer, and expect an answer in the first place to solve. We end up making history, each generation, and we are running out of space and time, it seems. Our whole and reality must be given a chance. But it’s unknowing, awe and wonderment that can take us through to a relation with our whole. It is up to “üs” but we are up with dwindling space time and resources, our own nature programmed for survival and increasing stimulation and information.
        Thanks for your inspiration. I’ve written a poem this morning, “Questions unanswered”. Look forward to more “involvement”.

      • I couldn’t agree more, the biggest mistake that we as a world make is to forget that each and every one of us is part of the whole and that what we do plays a small part in shaping that whole. Will we ever learn…sadly I think not, but I must remain hopeful. Thank you for your thoughtful comment my friend.

  4. I think we’ve created a huge, uncontrollable monster there. And — people give us a load of manure about “spreading freedom” and “protecting” the folks in the Middle East. Think about the millions of people killed in the genocides in Africa — and how many troops did we send THERE to help out?

    A great poem — wish I had some answers for you.
    Wish Phil Ochs were still alive – he’d have something LOUD to say!!!

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