18 thoughts on “Ignorance Is Bliss (Tanka)

    • That is very true, this one was more about taking a step back from war and violence on occasion to allow ourselves to relax and not be so stressed over it. I’m certainly not calling for real ignorance when it comes to the evils of this world. Thank you my friend.

    • You are right, this was more of a hypothetical, sometimes being bombarded with bad news and the ills of the world does more harm than good, at least I know it does for me sometimes. I’m certainly not advocating ignorance of our world situation.

      • I figured it was something like that. I know that I keep a folder both in my favorites and on my actual computer of good things that I’ve found in the news for those times when all I see is the bad.

  1. “Ignorance is bliss”
    I don’t know. I believe war will find all people. Too many leaders knowing blindness and ignorance. Obama send more guns to the Middle East yesterday. Are we making the fire of hate stronger or helping??

    • Hi John – I meant this one more to symbolize taking break from the mainstream media bombardment with violence and war, I didn’t mean to imply that we should live in ignorance as a rule. As far as sending guns to the Middle East, I think that we are doing more harm than good, we have a track record of arming one faction and having them turn on us when we no longer need them. I think that much of this is our fault, but I could be wrong. I also think that our politicians, especially the ones with short memories of their own actions (John McCain) do us far more harm than good when it comes to foreign policy. They are too quick to ratchet up their rhetoric inflaming situations around the world without thinking about the consequences of their actions. I guess I just find our world situation to be an absolute mess which I have no solution for. Thanks for the comment my friend.

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