Growing Frustration

Growing frustration!

ISIL laughs in our faces

…America bleeds.

Again we are being used

Because we’re slaves to their oil.

The coalition–

Where are they in this struggle?

This fight should be theirs!

Instead we do their bidding

As hostages to these captors.

We’re fooling ourselves.

This isn’t just about safety,

It’s economics.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


17 thoughts on “Growing Frustration

    • I really can’t dispute that though I think that that may not have always been true. I remember, especially when I was younger, that we were always beholden to OPEC. When they reduced their oil output to boost prices, we as a nation always seem to cringe.

      • That’s what I’ve been wondering about. We seem to all know that oil is in the Middle East, but forget that there are other regions that supply us. For some reason, our government and media seem obsessed with Middle East oil. Is it because the area is unstable, so we have a ‘chance’ of creating governments that give us better deals? I mean, you don’t hear about us getting involved in Canada’s problems in order to get a better price on crude. I know there are other factors behind our actions, but the oil thing always confuses me. A camel farts in Iraq and gas prices jump a few cents. Even when nothing in the market really changes.

      • It really is about influence and money. In reality if there was no oil in that part of the world they really wouldn’t have much to offer in the way of valuable exports, but because oil is their primary export we cater to their every whim and continue to support repressive monarchies like Saudi Arabia. An interesting fact is that OPEC countries account for 55% of our imported oil, Canada is not included in OPEC. You were right however, on a country only basis Canada supplies us the most oil (34%) with Saudi Arabia coming in second (18%). This came from the U.S. Energy Information Administration at

  1. You are so right Dom! ISIL is laughing at the U.S. especially since the FBI is looking clueless and foolish in asking help from the American people to basically spy on each other. With all the money that we pay in taxes that goes to spying(the NSA) on us and yet that is not enough, we are to ‘spy’ on one another for the spies? They can’t be serious!

    Where is the leadership in America? Because I would think that I’m watching a show called, “The Stooges!”

    Thanks Dom! Great poem by the way and oh SO true!

    • Thanks Shelby, you previous post was the inspiration. We seem to be chasing our tails without any clear plan or goal. You are right, where is the leadership, all the political bickering is getting us no where and as a result we do look like Stooges in the world community. Thanks again.

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