Humanity (Acrostic)

How is it that we managed to survive this long

Using violence against others indiscriminately

Maiming, killing for the sake of oil and profit

Are we really that cold and uncivilized

No excuse can convince me otherwise

I mourn the loss of all human life

Their families given little time to grieve

Yells for mercy are met with yet another bomb


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


14 thoughts on “Humanity (Acrostic)

      • Aye, being civil is something I work on as well. I’ve had my younger brother (my youngest sibling) call me on it, though at least it’s been several years since that moment. I like to think I’m not as bad as I was then.

        Practice, practice, practice.

      • We all hope that with age would come civility, but as we have witnessed that isn’t always the case. Like you say all you can do is “practice, practice, practice”.

  1. You pose so many well timed questions…You can hope that things can turn around but it just seems (sometimes) we are hurdling toward our own made ending!

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