Shock Of All Shocks

Shock of all shocks!, A conclusion has arrived,

What you may ask drove me to this.

I look at this nation and its leaders that drive,

And sadly I find so much amiss.


Squabbling and indecision on the left and the right,

It’s politics at their very worst.

From top to the bottom it’s no easier a fight,

Unable to decide what to do first.


Managing from crisis to crisis is no way to proceed,

As the ball is too easily dropped.

We look to our leaders to stand up and take heed,

Of all that must be started and stopped.


From debt ceiling to healthcare, ebola, ISIS and more,

They fight each other all of the way.

Afraid am I of what may very soon be in store,

For greater horrors may come into play.


We have hearing after hearing and nothing gets done,

They are sound bites for the next campaign.

Fodder for the platform on which they will run,

With lies and aggression to inflame.


I look at the response to ebola with a smile,

This comedy of errors that it is.

The protocols, what protocols all to beguile,

What’s the answer is part of the quiz.


What do we call them–ISIS or Islamic State,

Would somebody make up their mind.

We got into this one perhaps a little too late,

Over time I am sure we will find.


In these two crisis’ congress isn’t without fault,

Ask McCain, he was friend to our foe.

Yelling arm the rebels their advance they will halt,

As always putting on quite a show.


Now congress has called a meeting, the CDC to berate,

For its failure to institute adequate tools.

It was fine leaving West Africa to suffer its fate,

Denying funding like cold hearted fools.


Messages are mixed on all things from above,

Agreeing on nothing is their way.

Failing to compromise when push comes to shove,

I suppose this is how things will stay.


So what is the conclusion from this long winded rant,

More trouble ahead is surely brewing.

Our government is broken and their solutions are scant,

I’m confident they don’t know what they are doing!


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


18 thoughts on “Shock Of All Shocks

  1. I’m tired of politics myself. I lean towards one side like most, but I think they all need to stop worrying about themselves and start worrying about us. Great post.

    • I do the same thing by leaning towards one political ideology more than the other, but in the end these candidates that we are forced to choose from are supposed to be representing the will of the people, not their own self-interests. Unfortunately our system is so broken that it isn’t happening at all. Very sad.

  2. The sad thing is that the bulk of this powerful poem could apply to many other countries too – in particular Australia, whose financial donation was returned by MsF with a request for medical personnel instead – it was denied!

    • Thank you Mike, I am sure that you are right, there are many countries in this world that are suffering the same problems, I just wish this wasn’t the case. I suppose that it up to the citizenry of our countries to force a change for the betterment of this world for us and our children.

  3. Everywhere it would seem. They really don’t instil confidence. The confidence rising here is coming from people prepared to say, no more, we want change. Despite the setbacks, positivity in action is occurring and growing in strength. Change is inevitable in the political scene as in every sphere where stagnation s choking life.
    I wish you well in the changes that must occur.

  4. Although some must look at our size and think it makes change more difficult against the giant, I feel sure it must be more difficult to be part of such a huge country with such diverse mix of opinion. And yet, people are all the same ultimately in their needs. It will come. I have read and listened and watched this last 16 months here on WP and feel the change seeping and spreading everywhere. It wll come. We will make it so.

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