Don’t You Ever Weary

Don’t you ever weary;

War, propaganda, lying

Corrupting your soul,

Disillusioning our minds.

Done with a smile–

You think us likely to believe,

But we can only be fooled for so long.

Loved ones die for your greed,

Laid to waste in foreign lands.

Brought back with thin veiled honors,

Do you think that flag draped coffins comfort?

They do not!

They cannot!

Tell me–how many barrels of oil is their flesh worth,

A few cents at the pump,

A few more billions in your coffers?

They mean nothing to you,

You do not know them,

You have not held them at birth,

You will not grieve for them when they die,

But you surely will forget them as if they never existed.

You should drop to your knees and beg forgiveness,

Confessing your sinful, criminal ways.

Then again why?

It would all be for naught

For even then you would not be saved.

Such is the price paid–

When the seven deadly sins become

…Your lords and masters.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


9 thoughts on “Don’t You Ever Weary

    • You’ve got that right and unfortunately we don’t fight wars anymore with moral objectives. Now they are all fought for profit. We should make war a last resort, but hey there isn’t any money in that is there.

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