Injustice (Acrostic)

Insanity rules in our narrow world

No one is safe, especially men of color

Justice is clearly for the chosen

Undermining all that we hold sacred

Slaughter at the hands of those charged to protect

Time and again goes unpunished

Ideologues believe us civilized

Constantly calling for calm

Entrusting their fates to this broken system


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


18 thoughts on “Injustice (Acrostic)

      • You are very welcome, Dom … I totally agree with you!! Since the mainstream media doesn’t do the right thing, it’s up to us … in the blogosphere to keep things going. That’s what I have learned since I started almost 2 years ago.

        That’s my goal. BTW, thanks for commenting and the “follow” … if I haven’t thanked you already!! Peace …. I’m here, I will be here …. glad to connect with you!!

    • It really is. If the video and audio don’t tell the story then I don’t know what will. Clearly, racism is alive and well here in America, how very sad for us indeed. This is just another blemish on the our tarnished reputation. Embarrassing and disgusting.

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