Will The Killing End

Will the killing end
The cycle of violence
Answered with the same
When has retribution quelled
Never–it’s provocation
Igniting more death
Until reasons are foggy
And senses immune
It becomes the way of life
Cold, hard and desensitized

~~Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

4 thoughts on “Will The Killing End

  1. I ask the same questions. This generation was raised with war near and don’t know what peace can be. I hope we can find leaders who lead with kindness. Not guns and bullets. A powerful poem my friend.

    • Thank you John. My kids have lived with was for such a large part of their lives that it truly is very sad. I too hope that we can find leaders that don’t believe that every disagreement must be met with guns and bullets though our most recent election doesn’t show much promise of that any time soon.

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