Terrorists (Acrostic)

They only win if you live in fear

Envisioning terror around every turn

Red, blood red keeps you awake at night

Rendered by the media and the radical’s might

Only you can stem this terrible tide

Ridding the world of their plague that imbibes

Impending doom is what they so desire

Stifling of hope for a future that’s bright

Tell them their end lies in the approaching hour

Standing as one–their fates are most dire


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


14 thoughts on “Terrorists (Acrostic)

      • I think they may already be seeing it. Not only has there been worldwide outrage BUT ALSO one of the victims shot that day was a Muslim police officer.

        Je suis Charlie —!

      • “Her”. And that’s a problem. Wearing a hijab is very limited in public in France — but — it’s still possible.

      • Yes it is, but it still will be difficult to find her. I understand that it turns out she may not have even been there as she entered Turkey on January 2nd. I guess we will see.

      • And now she’s in a region where she’ll find a ton of protectors. It’ll take a long time to get her. If ever.

      • I wonder if the hijab might help her hide if she’s allowed to wear one? I’m also worried that they seem to have found so many NEW terrorism nests while they’ve been searching for the shooters and for this woman. Very concerning.

      • Indeed it is, but the bulk of the world should not let them win. These are such a small number of people in comparison to the rest of the world that I have to believe that they will be crushed over time…at least I hope. I guess I’m the eternal optimist or maybe a fool, I don’t know which.

      • I’m voting “optimist” 🙂

        I think the key is that TOP-level clerics and religious leaders need to be UNITED in denouncing these wing-nuts. Not just in ONE country – but EVERYWHERE, from Africa to Asia to the Middle East to Europe – everywhere. It has to start from the top down.

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